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Master of Publishing (MPub)

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Application Deadline February 1, 2014

The Master of Publishing (MPub) program is the only program in Canada to offer a postgraduate degree in publishing, and is the country’s premier training ground for publishing professionals.

In this innovative, full-time 16-month program in SFU’s Faculty of Communication, Art, and Technology, a select cohort of 21 MPub candidates learn practical skills from faculty and guest industry professionals, within a rigorous academic environment. Students in the MPub program build a portfolio of work of a professional calibre in publication design, marketing, technology, cultural policy, management, and editorial. Throughout the program, MPub candidates also contribute in the authoring, editing, and curation of the TKBR Blog.

Please see our information on Admissions and on Awards and Financial Support.

Students who graduate from the program have a master’s degree from a major North American university. They also have a solid grounding in the informing principles as well as the art and business of publishing; they are connected with working professionals who will become their colleagues; and they have invaluable practical skills to carry into a career in any print or online publishing activity—trade, scholarly or corporate—with an existing operation, or in their own enterprise.

The MPub operates under the umbrella of the Canadian Centre for Studies in Publishing (CCSP), Canada’s book, magazine, and online publishing research and education centre. The CCSP is known internationally for:

  • groundbreaking research
  • innovation in publishing technology and new media
  • formal and informal professional education
  • attention to publishing history, insight into editing, and cutting-edge design
  • management consulting for scholarly journals
  • collaboration with Canada’s publishing communities.

As part of its mandate to work closely with the Canadian publishing industry, the Master of Publishing program consults regularly with an Advisory Board.

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